You might be wondering how vetiver oil extraction method is done, especially when you often use this essential oil on your daily lifestyle. This ethereal oil is actually comes from vetiver grass plant that is originated from Asian region. Because it needs to grow in tropical to temperate climate, this grass plant cannot be grown in the US area. That is why it is grown in other country outside the US such as Philippines, India and Haiti for commercial purpose.

How Vetiver Oil Extraction Method is Done

This grass plant itself is actually has very unique structure compared to other grass plant because the structure of the vetiver roots is growing downwards. Because this unique structure, the plant become very sturdy and able to grow taller around six feet high, it even last for a long time which is around fifty years.

The vetiver essential oil itself has earthy aroma with a little bit sweet scent which is less piney compared to cedar wood essential oil but it also has muskier aroma compared to sandalwood essential oil. In western culture this aetherolea is used a lot in beauty industry for their skincare product since it has anti aging properties and relaxing aroma.

The vetiver oil extraction method takes a long time and is quite difficult to do. steam distillation technique is used during the process which using the root part of the vetiver plant to be extract into the essential oil. This root will then be put into the steam distillatory machine which will do the extraction processes for quite some time until the oil comes out.

You will get thick and rich vetiver essential oil from the extraction method which will also gives a lot of benefits when used. Because this vetiver oil extraction method takes a long time and is quite difficult to do, the price of this essential oil is also quite high.

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