Patchouli essential oil is made using a plant species in Pogostemon genus inside the labiatae family. Other plants in the same family are sage, mint, and lavender. This herb is bushy and the steam is rigid with pale pinkish small flower. It can grow up to two feet until three feet tall. The plant itself is originate from tropical Asian region, however for commercial purpose, now there are many countries that start to cultivate it such as China, Malaysia, India, Mauritius, Indonesia, Philippine, Thailand, Vietnam and Taiwan.

Deeper Information about Patchouli Essential Oil and its Benefits

The essential oil itself is created using the leaves part of the plant which going through steam distillation to create the ethereal oil. Before going through distillation method, the leaves of Patchouli plant will be fermented or dried to break down the cells wall. The plant itself can be harvested for a few times every year, and then the leaves will be dried before being export for the distillation process.

Actually patchouli essential oil itself has been use since ancient time. Perfumes that uses this ethereal oil is known for centuries, but now this essential oil has gain popularity as alternate medicine, insect repellent, and incense.

Because its ability to help removing many kinds of skin issue, this volatile oil is used as home remedies for many kinds of skin issue such as acne, eczema, skin irritation, chapped skin, cracked skin, and inflammation. Furthermore it also have rejuvenating properties for the skin cells which is why it is very good to be used on skin care with anti aging purpose. Furthermore this essential skin is able to reduce the appearance of marks and scars on skin.

Patchouli essential oil is also good for boosting your immune system. The scent is great to fight depression and enhance your mood thus you can really get a lot of benefits from this essential oil.

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