If you want to learn how to use patchouli essential oil at home, then you should learn more about its information and benefits first. Patchouli essential oil itself is made using an evergreen perennial plant which comes from in pogostemon genus inside the labiatae family. It is close to other plant such as sage, mint and lavender which comes from the same family.

How to Use Patchouli Essential Oil at Home?

To make the oil, this plant which has bushy appearance with pale pink color flower and firm steam will be harvest to take the leaves. Each year the leaves can be harvest several times to create the thick essential oil which has light yellow to brown color. The oil itself is made using steam distillation process using leaves that has been dried beforehand.

Then how to use patchouli essential oil at home? There are many ways that you can do at home to use this essential oil such as:

  1. First you can try to dilute it using suitable carrier oil then use it to massage your skin which able to prevent wrinkles and reduce cellulite.
  2. You can also apply small amount to your skin if you want to soothe wound, burn, cut, sore, scarp, and bites from insects.
  3. To keep your bed from pest, ant, bedbug, you can try to apply it into your wrist or even to your bed sheet.
  4. To remove odor from your body, you can try to dab cotton to apply three drops of this essential oil into your underarm.
  5. You can also mix the patchouli essential oil with any conditioner or shampoo that you use as treatment for dandruff or oily hair.

Now that you have learned how to use patchouli essential oil at home, you can try to do it yourself.

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